Full Service Trading

The difference is Risk Management.

Every futures broker at NJB Futures is a trained risk management expert. We believe that every successful trader must be a risk management expert to succeed. Risk is a large part of our business and not understanding the risk of loss is a recipe for disaster.

A Full Service Broker can help you interpret charts and fundamental information, explain contract specs and market liquidity, and help you manage risk through the use of stops, trailing stops, and option strategies. Your broker will also assist you with order placement, provide contingent order management and trade tracking, and offer guidance to help prevent costly mistakes.

As a NJB Client you will receive:

  • An NJB Specialist – Working One-on One – keeping you informed & educated
  • Trading strategies –a blue print for your success
  • Specialized attention – Direct access to an NJB Trading Specialist 24/7
  • Risk Management – strategies & implementation

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