Use the full range of NJB EDGE features to create a complete and customizable trading platform featuring fast and reliable direct access to all major US markets and a number of global exchanges. Features include:

Depth of Market

NJB Edge depth_of_marketView current activity for a selected contract at various prices (eCBOT, Globex, ICE, and LIFFE exchanges supported currently). Quickly place orders in a variety of ways and see order quantities for a single or multiple accounts simultaneously. Often considered a useful tool for understanding support and resistance intraday.

Trade multiple accounts with a single-click

NJB Edge trade_multiple_accountsSet-up multiple orders and send them in simultaneously—all with just the click of a button. Need to make changes after entry? Once in the grid, information can be edited without leaving the system.

Streaming real-time quotes

NJB Edge streaming_real

NJB EDGE provides streaming real-time quotes for eCBOT, Globex, ICE, and LIFFE on its Quote Page–as well as on the Market Book screen. A single view shows you up-to-the-second changes without having to open and close multiple screens.

Templates for pre-set orders

NJB Edge order_template_managerQuickly pull up 10 pre-configured order templates and another 10 pre-configured spread order templates. Add toolbar buttons and quick keys, and placing the order you want quickly is a snap. NJB EDGE’s speed and efficiency can help keep you on top of fast-moving markets.

Dynamic user interface

NJB Edge dynamic userNJB EDGE allows users to mold and shape its interface to best suit their own tastes. By allowing for resizing of windows, relocation and removal of columns, and freedom to locate screens across multiple monitors, Vantage lets you create your own comfortable environment for trading so you can focus on the information—and not the platform providing it.

Integrated risk management screen

NJB Edge integrated_risk_manageMarked-to-market account detail and risk management tool includes information on customer accounts—such as positions, balances, daily transactions, and historical views. Analysis of delivery month positions and theoretical option pricing is also available.

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